The Trouple Shuffle (A Wedding Dance)


He must not be a prophet. My friends are right. But I thought just maybe. We’ve been waiting so long, after all. It seemed worth it to have him for a meal. Just to be sure. Before casting him into the pile of failed messiahs. But clearly, with this prostitute rubbing her uncleanness all over him while he sits there tolerating it… Tolerating? No. Enjoying! Appreciating! I could spit.
Simon. I have something to say to you.
Say it.
Your religion requires forgiveness, does it not?
You speak the truth.
How do you know if someone is forgiven then?
This woman has shown you: Forgiveness prompts Love.
Christian, yours is a religion of sacrificial love, is it not?
You speak the truth.
How do you know if someone harbors sacrificial love in the heart?
Is it in the Mormon’s knocking fist? Is it in the Muslim’s starved body? It is not. And yet. They lead you in paths of devotion.
Perhaps Ramadan is a nudge toward the True Faith. Perhaps a Christian would practice Ramadan to teach herself that freedom is not license. And perhaps the timing of the lesson would open avenues for cogent prayer: that those who practice religion better than we do, but in bondage, would be surprised to have their longings met by an encounter with him of the easy yoke and light burden.


– Brother Swan


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