If All I Was Was…

“If all I was was black
Looking at you, you might look past
All the love I give (got love to give)
I’ve got natural gifts (got natural gifts)
Got perspective (got perspective)
Might make your shift (the way you look at it)
I’ve got love
Got love…”

I’ve been listening to the Mavis Staples rendition of this song, and thinking: If all I was was… [fill in the blank].

If all I was was a well-raised American woman…

If all I was was the baby of a big family…

If all I was was…

That’s when you’re trying to get someone else to know you, respect you. (Or trying to get to know yourself and learn about the gifts God has given you…)

But I’ve been thinking about God, too. If all He was was BIG…

If all he was was strict…

If all he was was caring…

If all he did was cry…

God is not two-dimensional.

There’s my not-so-deep reflection for the day. At least you can listen to a lovely song:

– Sister Still

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