Monday Morning Devotional

The Love of Our Father

I Know Who I Am In Christ

Strong and Powerful

Esaie 1:17

Apprenez à faire le bien, recherchez la justice, Protégez l’opprimé; Faites droit à l’orphelin, Défendez la veuve.

In the first song of this series, the lyrics say: “I was an orphan, alone and abandoned; lost without a path; your love found me. Hugged against your heart, snuggled against you…”

The God of the Universe… Yahweh… Saves the orphan.

He does not ask His people to do anything He is not doing. He protects strangers, cares for the orphan and the widow; he turns upside-down the way of the wicked.

Psaume 146:9

L’Eternel protège les étrangers, Il soutient l’orphelin et la veuve, Mais il renverse la voie des méchants.

He adopts each one of us as His child so we can experience first-hand his love before and while we extend that love to others. His power works in us.

Éphésiens 3:20

Or, à celui qui peut faire, par la puissance qui agit en nous, infiniment au delà de tout ce que nous demandons ou pensons,…

It is a privilege to join our Father in His work. His will be done, His kingdom come…

The Lord’s Prayer


– Sister Still



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