“Here am I, Lord.” (But send my sister!)

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My name is Chinese, and a lot of Americans like to say it is like “jingle”: Jing.

I was born and raised in China.

I had no ideas about God in a communist country.

I heard the Gospel in college from missionaries who came from North America.

They were teaching English.

God had a way to awaken my spirit and give me eyes to see him.

I always had a passion to help people.

I know the issues they face have to do with the heart.

I worked in a Christian organization in China taking care of orphans and helping with the missionaries who were there helping with kids. I realized as a local I could help. I saw a lot of the missionary conflict and the difficulty of communicating with the home agency.

I had opportunities to come to the States, and in 2005 I want to study Biblical Counseling. Then I went to the Midwest to work with a Christian media organization. I worked producing Christian counseling radio programs.

Then there was an opportunity to work with a new organization that helped Chinese sisters and brothers to become missionaries. Now we have a field and the long-term goal for places all over the world where Chinese missionaries will go. From the beginning we wanted to have member care. We saw the importance.

Now I am at a center for learning in a class so that I can help in member care.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be here and learn.

I can even use these skills to help my family!

This new Chinese organization knows that they know very little but the Westerners know a lot, about how to set things up and what potential problems are. So we’re learning from the more experienced in order to do it well. We will also bring our unique gifts.

A few months ago some young Chinese went to the Middle East and were killed. They had no training; no support; they did not need to die. So we want to have better training to send better.

I don’t know if this is the first Chinese agency doing member care but I feel honored and burdened to be perhaps the first Chinese member care counselor. It is crucial.

I never wanted to be the first one to do anything.

Sometimes God has a sense of humor to put you on the spot.

– Sister Willow

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