A Time for Change

I don’t like the fact that missionaries speak a secret language.

Discretion, I get.

Talking shop, it’s understandable.

But when do we call a spade a spade and draw the line?

Should we be calling baptism dunking? Or should we simply stay silent?

Should we use military terms in missions?

Quakers used quilts to direct escaped slaves to safe houses on the Underground Railroad.

I’d like to see more quilts and fewer… Acronyms…



“New demands led the language of the Third Reich to stimulate an increase in the use of the dissociating prefix ent- (de-) (though in each case it remains open to question whether we are dealing with completely new creations or the adoption by the common language of terms already familiar in specialist circles). Windows had to be blacked out (verdunkelt) because of enemy planes, which in turn led to the daily task of lifting the blackout {des Entdunkelns}. In the event of roof fires, the lofts had to be free of clutter that might get in the way of the firefighters – they were therefore de-cluttered {entrumpelt}. New Sources of nourishment had to be tapped: the bitter horsechestnut was de-bittered {entbittert}…

“For a comprehensive definition of today’s most important task, a word formed in an analogous manner has been widely adopted: Germany was almost destroyed by Nazism; the taks of curing it of this fatal disease is today termed denazification {Entnazifizierung}. I hope, and indeed believe, that this dreadful word will only have a short life; it will fade away and lead no more than a historal existence as soon as it has performed its current duty.”
– Victor Klemperer, The Language of the Third Reich: LTI: Lingua Tertii Imperii

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